Proxmox Virtualization Environment Complete Training


Proxmox Virtualization Environment Complete Training, Proxmox VE7 and VE 6 All in one course for Production Environment.

Proxmox VE is a complete open-source platform for enterprise virtualization. In this course I have covered all the necessary lectures that will help anyone to move to Proxmox Virtual Environent easily.

Course is a detailed course that will help you to understand the Proxmox Virtual Environment in Depth. I you are using Proxmox at your office or homeland. You will learn to keep it up and running.

You will also understand the terminologies that are used in Virutalization Environment.

In this course you will not only learn how to install the proxmox but you will also learn how to configure networking and additional storage in proxmox.

When you are dealing with existing Virutalization Platofrms or existing Servers and you want to move them to Proxmox you can do that by using the open source software too.

Everything in this course is based on Open Source, which means that everything is free except the hardware.

I am recommending this after 15 years of experience of using Proxox VE. The open source comes with various features the freedom.

Proxmox Backup Server will also help you to ensure that all the VMs and Configuratoins are backed up. But it is not necessary that you use the Proxmox Backup Server.

You can also use other NAS storage or External Storage.

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