Learn how to Install ERPNext on Ubuntu Server


Learn how to Install ERPNext on Ubuntu Server, Manual Instllation on Ubuntu Server 20.04.

ERPNext is said to be the most agile ERP on the planet

It is fast growing open source ERP Today. It is built on low code no code platform. That is the reason it is said to be the world’s best free and open source ERP

ERPNext is an OpenSource ERP which is developed by Frappe and Community. Frappe is a technology company that builds open-source software. Before we start the Installation let me explain to you about Frappe and its framework.

ERPNext is one of the applications that Frappe has built on its framework, this application can be installed in frappe-bench and it can be accessed on Desk.

In this video, you will learn how to install ERPNext in Production Environment on Ubuntu 20.04. You can start using ERPNext for free. This software doesn’t need any license.

In this lecture I have explained how to install ERPNext. The steps will include the following;

– Ubuntu Server Installation and Configuration

– Pre-requisites (modules, apps, database and other configuration)

– Installation of Bench command line tool

– Installation of frappe bench

– Frappe Application Installation

– Creation of Website

– Installating ERPNext on website

– Moving Development Environment to Production Environment

– Creating SSL Certificate

If you face any issues please refer to the manual provided in first section of this course.

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