Supply Chain Management: Understanding the Fundamentals


Supply Chain Management: Understanding the Fundamentals, Become a skilled Supply Chain professional capable of applying industry-required supply chain principles.

This online course helps to equip yourself with a solid base in Supply Chain Management (SCM). This course offers both theory and practical insights as well as tools that you can use right away to unlock your personal potential and strengthen your overall business performance!

Whether you are a student that is hungry to learn this field, a Supply Chain professional interested in refreshing your skills, or any business professional seeking to add to your existing body of knowledge, this online course offers exactly what you are looking for. The novelty of this course is that I don’t only teach textbook theory but I also take you through practical examples to give you a better understanding of taught Supply Chain principles and their applications.

Where does supply chain management come in?

Supply Chain Management (SCM) applies to any organization that executes projects, produces goods and/or delivers services. These activities require a supply chain to maintain a steady flow of resources. That’s where supply chain management comes into play. Essentially, supply chain management (SCM) manages the flow of supplies through all the stages of the production and/or service delivery cycle.

Supply chain management is very important in any business administration because it has a direct influence on the performance of other key business areas such as operations management, quality management, etc. On the other hand, the importance of supply chain management is extended to its ability to provide a strong competitive advantage for businesses.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a valuable skill set that will allow you to adhere to industry best practices. You will also grasp some common terminologies that are used in the corporate supply chain world. This course shows you an improved approach to supply chain management, making it possible to improve your position in the marketplace through the understanding of achieving an efficient flow of resources, from various sources to customers.

You will be able also to download many additional resources:

  1. Some videos and Excel files with practical examples/exercises demonstrated in the course.
  2. Course learning materials in PDF format.
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